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The signal to noise ratio on cocoa-dev and macosx-dev has gotten quite bad lately, and many "good" questions are being ignored or simply smothered by a bunch of "how do I save a document?" type questions. It's getting annoying and frustrating, at least to many who have voiced their concerns.

While we feel that these lists are a great places for newbies, and I applaud Apple and Omni Group for keeping the list open, I want to create a lower-traffic "pro" list as well, so perhaps good questions are not lost in the noise. I'm well aware that rarely have "-newbie" and "-pro" lists worked together in the past (too many newbies join the pro list, etc.), but I think it's worth a shot. Newbies will be warned and banned for asking silly questions. The burden of this "evildoing" will fall on us here at Cocoa Dev Central.

The "No-Newbie Questions" Policy:
Ask a "newbie" question, get a warning. Ask another, get booted off the list. These rules are flexible, and anyone who's been developing with Cocoa for more than about four months probably will never have to worry about even getting a warning. Furthermore, as warnings will be maintained in human memory... if you haven't been warned for some period of time, odds are we'll forget and you'll simply get another warning for a second offense.

The general rule: questions answered with "RTFM" are newbie questions. Questions not easily answered by the documentation, or questions over areas with poor documentation, are "pro" level questions. This of course sadly assumes that the barrier between "newbie" and "pro" is simply "Do you even look at the documentation before asking thousands of people?"

Lurkers are encouraged to join the list, of course. Cross-posts are rejected: don't do it.

Any questions can be directed to: